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International Conference, The Cyprus Conflict: Looking Ahead, 7-8 May 2007

International Conference:The Cyprus Conflict: Looking Ahead, 7-8 May 2007, Blue Hall, Faculty of Business and Economics, Eastern Mediterranean University

International Conference

The Cyprus Conflict: Looking Ahead

7 – 8 May 2007

Blue Hall

Faculty of Business and Economics

Eastern Mediterranean University

7 – 8 May 2007

DAY 1 (7 May)

Registration and coffee (9.00– 9.30)

CPC Opening Speech by Ahmet Sözen (Director) (9.30 – 9.40)

Keynote Speaker: Lord Hannay of Chiswick (9.40 – 10.20)
( Click here for the speech )


I. Federalism and Governance in Multi-Ethnic Societies (10.30 – 12.45)

(theory and alternative models examined)

Chair: Ahmet Sözen


Hendrik Vos – “Belgium: Federal Engineering in the Heart of Europe”
( Click here for the speech and the powerpoint presentation)

Bruno Schoch – “Federalism and Governance in Switzerland”
( Click here for the speech )

Thomas D. Grant – “The Dayton Settlement in Bosnia and Herzegovina as Post-Conflict Model: Lessons for Cyprus”
( Click here for the speech )

Nicholas Whyte – “Kosovo and Macedonia”

(Click here for the speech)

Lunch Break (13.00 – 14.30)

II. Federalism and Cyprus (14.45 – 17.00)

Chair: Erol Kaymak


Ahmet Sözen – “The Cyprus Negotiations and the Basic Parameters”

Bruno Coppieters – “The Moral Debate on the Federalization of Cyprus”

Niyazi Kızılyürek – “Historical and Political Basis of Federalism in Cyprus”

(Click here for the speech)

Didier Pfirter –
“The Federal Concept and Mechanisms of the Annan Plan”

DAY 2 (8 May)

III. EU Umbrella (9.00 - 11.00)

(Cyprus conflict in the EU and EU as a catalyst?)

Chair: Kaya Arslan


Birol Yeşilada
“Emperor Has No Clothes: EU’s Cyprus Challenge”

(Click here for the speech)

Nathalie Tocci
“The EU's Missed Opportunity to Promote Reunification in Cyprus”
( Click here for the speech )

Georg Ziegler
“The EU-Dimension of a Future Comprehensive Cyprus Settlement”

(Click here for the speech)

Kudret Özersay
“The EU Policy of Lifting the Isolations and its Relationship with the Status Problem in Cyprus”

Erhan Erçin
“The EU Dynamics in North Cyprus”

Coffee Break (11.00 – 11.15)

IV. Intra-island Dynamics (11.15 – 13.15)

(political level and civil society initiatives)

Chair: Ahmet Sözen


Maria Hadjipavlou “Multiple Stories: The 'Crossings' as part of citiznens' reconciliation efforts?”

(Click here for the speech)

Costas Constantinou
“Dominant Discourses of the 'Cyprus Problem' and Practices of Resistance”

(Click here for the speech)

Erol Kaymak
“Growing Apart, Cementing Division: Civil Society and the Dearth of Ideas”

(Click here for the speech)

Lunch Break (13.30 – 15.00)

V. The Latest UN Poll in Cyprus (15.00 – 17.00)
( Click here for the poll : UN Poll in Cyprus )

( Greek Cypriots and Federalism: A demographic and attitudinal analysis based on the 2007 UNFICYP survey )

Chair: Ahmet Sözen


Alexandros Lordos

Erol Kaymak

Mine Yücel

Closing (17.00 – 17.10)

CPC thanks the participants, sponsors and the audience.