(EMU) was established in North Cyprus in 1979, and over the past twenty-five years has acquired a sound international reputation. In terms of its student population, the modernity of its facilities and the quality and diversity of its programs, its growth and accomplishments have been extraordinary.


The University currently has 37 undergraduate and 35 postgraduate programs; and to date, EMU has graduated some 18,000 students, who are now successfully pursuing careers or graduate studies both at home and abroad.


In its 35th anniversary year the university is aiming for the “peak of quality” in education, understood not simply in terms of providing instruction in specific fields and encouraging research and development, but also as providing service to the community and contributing to the benefit of society. This year the university administration has initiated projects that will stimulate the development both of the university and of the island as a whole. These include the establishment of a Cyprus Policy Center, a Center for Continuing Education, a Center for Technology Development and Industrial Relations, and a Center for Endowment Fund and Project Development. On a regional and international scale, it is EMU's deep desire to lay the foundations of new academic and cultural partnerships, and to work in close collaboration with institutional and organizational counterparts around the world.

Eastern Mediterranean University Website: http://www.emu.edu.tr