Past Activities

Since 2005 the CPC has hosted several meetings focused on discussing the Cyprus issue with representatives of diplomatic missions in Cyprus, in order to inform them of recent developments regarding the isolation of North Cyprus and the views of Turkish Cypriots. In those meetings, the participants established the standpoints on which their policies regarding Cyprus issue were based, and their presented own perspectives on conflict resolution and the possibilities for a solution in Cyprus.

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Ahmet Sozen, seminar to Radbound University Students, January 25, 2012

Radbound University Conflicts, Territories and Identities Master Programme students from the Netherlands listened to a seminar by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ahmet Sözen, who is also the Director of Cyprus Policy Center, on the Cyprus Dispute and the ongoing peace negotiations on 25 January. Sözen started the seminar by giving a brief historical background on the Cyprus issue and the current dynamics on the Cyprus peace negotiations. After giving the milestones on the Cyprus Problem, Sözen talked about the 44 years long bi-communal peace negotiations and zoomed back from the history to the recent negotiations until the Greentree Summit. He showed the results of bi-communal public opinion surveys held by Cyprus 2015 towards possible peace plans. Prior to the questions session Sözen talked about the future possible scenarios for Cyprus.  He calls these scenarios  ‘Belgian-ization’ and ‘Czechoslovakia-ization’ of Cyprus, or ‘Kosovo-ization’, ‘Taiwan-ization’ and ‘Hatay-ization’ of North Cyprus under certain situations on the negotiation table. After the seminar a question and answer session was held.