2005 Activities

“Cyprus: Entering Another Stalemate”, speech given by Dr. Tim Pottier, Assistant Professor of International Law and Human Rights at Intercollege, Cyprus. A Report Published by Chatham House (The Royal Institute of International Affairs), December 16, 2005

Dr. Tim Pottier, Assistant Professor of International Law and Human Rights at Intercollege, visited Eastern Mediterranean University and gave a speech on “Cyprus: Entering Another Stalemate”.

Panel Discussion: Cyprus Impasse, Prospects for a Breakthrough by TUSIAD-ITS-CPC, November 2, 2005

Despite the optimism which surrounded the build-up to, and aftermath of, the Annan Plan referendum in April, 2004, the ‘Cyprus Problem’ has seemingly returned to a stasis or stalemate. Transported now into a wider forum by the accession of the divided island into the European Union, and the quest of Turkey towards the same goal, however, the implications are more far-reaching than in its regional appearance, and record of failed attempts, might at first suggest. Rather than analyzing the progress towards a solution in the context of EU, Turkey and Greece, or indeed in the greater vision of the Middle East, this workshop aimed to analyze the developments within the island itself. It asked what the prospects of renewed peace efforts were, from where the impetus and inertia is coming and observes possible outcomes for the community of Turkish Republic of North Cyprus.


Conference: Press Conference in Saray Hotel, May 27, 2005

Eastern Mediterranean University and the ARI Movement organised a press conference in order to observe the first anniversary of their patnership. In his speech, Rector of EMU, Halil Güven gave information about the objectives of this partnership. Assist. Prof.Ahmet Sözen introduced Cyprus Policy Center, a joint initiative founded in November 2004 in scope of the partnership, in order to make CPC a matter of public record, as director of CPC. Then, secretary general of CPC, Kaya Arslan made a presentation on the activities that were conducted under the protocol which was signed between EMU and the ARI Movement last year.  Finnaly Haluk Önen, chair of the ARI Movement, conveyed information regarding the strategy and activity plans for the upcoming year.


International Conference: “Cyprus: The Way Forward”, June 27, 2005

A conference held at Ledra Palace (Cyprus) included members of the European Policy Center, the ARI Movement and the Intercollege, Kokkalis foundation. Opening statements were given on behalf of the Greek and Turkish Cypriot communities. Speakers included Kypros Chrysostomides for Tassos Papadopulos and Rasit Pertev for Mehmet Ali Talat. Other participants included Kemal Koprulu and Fraser Cameron (EPC), Mustafa Akinci (BDH – Peace and Democracy Movement), Nicos Kleanthous (DIKO), Nikos Katsourides (AKEL), George Vassiliou (EDE), Andreas Theophanous (Intercollege), Ahmet Sozen (CPC Director) and NGO’s of the North and South. This conference adressed how Greek and Turkish Communities can and should work together until there is a long-term settlement in their dispute.

Prospects for a Solution in Cyprus

The Cyprus Policy Center is funding a series of panels by ambassadors of countries which have a diplomatic mission in Cyprus to speak on the “Prospects for a Solution in Cyprus .” The series of panels aims to raise more public awareness of the Cyprus issue among students and scholars. CPC provides an open framework in which the questions of the Cyprus conflict will be raised in a broad public such that it will be possible to follow the proceedings of the European Council and Commission closely. CPC hopes to cover a wide spectrum of perspectives and insights that will enable our participants to develop a more in-depth understanding of the dynamics which have created the Cyprus problem, and still block the peace building efforts on the island. Alongwith inner dynamics of the island, CPC will focus on the reasons preventing the EU from taking decisive steps towards a permanent solution.

Delegates of the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) visited the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) via Turkey, December 5-7, 2005

The American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL) delegation which came to Turkey within the framework of an exchange program with the ARI Movement visited the TRNC on December 5-7. This visit was the first foreign direct visit to the Turkish side of the Island via Turkey since 1974. The Cyprus Policy Center hosted the ACYPL delegation during its visit to Northern Cyprus. The delegation had meetings with the President, the Prime Minister, the Minister of Foreign Affairs; the Rector of Eastern Mediterranean University; the Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy to Cyprus; and the Turkish Cypriot Chamber of Commerce. The delegation also took a cultural tour including museums, historical places and scenic beauties of Nicosia, Kyrenia and Famagusta.


Spike Conference: Latest Political Developments in the TRNC, November – January 2005

The Cyprus Policy Center is funding a series of lectures by political leaders of the TRNC from November to January under the SPIKE Program. The purpose of SPIKE is to provide students at Eastern Mediterranean with exposure to Socio-cultural, Professional and Industrial Knowledge and Experience, and to help inculcate in them the values and ideals EMU shares with colleagues and counterparts in Europe; and in addition, to provide a forum for faculty members to discuss matters of general concern as the university and the country move closer towards participation in the European knowledge society. The lectures were also broadcast on EMU TV to reach out to the public in North Cyprus.

Conference: Prof. Üstün Ergüder, EUA and Institutional Evaluation, May 13, 2005

Prof. Üstün Ergüder gave a conference on “EUA and Institutional Evaluation”.   Conference by CPC Fellows: Recent Developments on Property Issue, May 13, 2005 Cyprus Policy Fellows gave a conference on the “Recent Developments on Property Issue”. Visit: Valery Maslin, Political Council, Embassy of Russia, April 11, 2005 Valery Maslin, Embassy of Russia came to Eastern Mediterranean University and gave a conference. Conference: John Swift, Ambassador, Embassy of Ireland, April 4, 2005 Ambassador, Embassy of Ireland came to Eastern Mediterranean University and gave a conference.

Islam Conference, Visit: Ambassadors of 8 Countries, March 15, 2005

Cyprus Policy Center attended Islam conference.

Meeting with UNOPS & USAID, 14.3.2005

Cyprus Policy Center organized a meeting with UNOPS & USAID.

Conference by Prof. Ahmet Sözen. Swedish Institute of Int'l Affairs, March 3-5, 2005

Ahmet Sozen gave a conference in the Swedish Institute of Int'l Affairs.

Visit: Colette Taquet, Belgium Ambassador to Cyprus, February 9, 2005

Colette Taquet, Belgium ambassador to Cyprus visited Eastern Mediterranean University and gave a conference.
Andrew Duff, Chris Davies. MEP - European Democrats, February 8, 2005

Cyprus Policy Center visited MEP – European Democrats Andrew Duff and Chris Davies.