2004 Activities

EMU Cyprus Forum III: “Post-December 17 Scenarios”, December 4 and 5, 2004

The Cyprus Policy Center established through the joint efforts of Eastern Mediterranean University and the ARI Movement continued its activities in late 2004 with the organization of the third Cyprus Forum at EMU on December 4-5, entitled: EMU Cyprus Forum: Post-December 17 Scenarios. The participants of the forum were divided into three working groups on the first day, and these evaluated the EU membership period and the aftermath of the April 24 Referendum from political, legal and economic perspectives respectively. This was followed by a SWOT Analysis. On the second day, the participants created good and bad scenarios for the post-December 17 period with its economic, political and legal dimensions based on the data gathered from the SWOT Analysis; and based on these scenarios a road map was drawn for Turkey.